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For over 30 years, the Pappas family has collaborated with architects, builders and homeowners to construct and transform beautiful homes throughout the North Shore of Chicago.

Offering a wide range of services all under one roof, we streamline the construction process and ensure the highest quality throughout your project. Whether it’s a deep foundation for an underground basketball court or a landscaping refresh for the backyard, we are committed to providing our customers a better way to build.


Pappas is the original “One Stop Shop” for demolition, excavation, concrete, and underground services. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide the same dedication to accuracy and efficiency for all jobs, no matter how large or small.

The times and technologies may change, but our commitment to our valued partners across the North Shore’s residential construction business remains the same. We provide nothing less than our very best, everywhere, every time because we honor the trust you have in us.


Pappas is fully licensed, bonded and insured for residential demolition projects of all sizes and complexities. We offer a clean, responsible and safe assembly line to get your job done on time and under budget.

When you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new we have the equipment and expertise to make it happen. When it needs to go, we’re the pro!

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Whether it’s a 20’-0”+ deep foundation in Winnetka or a room addition in Deerfield, we have the firepower to take on any project thrown our way.

We have an experienced team of operators and a fleet of our own equipment and trucks ready to serve your needs. Start your project with confidence knowing we have your back.

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Our concrete work begins and ends with quality. The foundation sets the table for the entire project so cutting corners is not an option.

We treat every job as a privilege whether it’s someone’s forever home or a builder’s spec project. When it needs to be perfect it needs to be Pappas.

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Pappas offers a full range of installation and repair options for sanitary sewers, water services, storm drainage piping and detention systems.

We are ready to provide you with top notch service so you can avoid hassles now and in the future. Make sure it’s done right the first time. Your sanity depends on it!

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In an effort to continually evolve and improve, we listened to our customers and have expanded into landscaping and hardscaping installation and repair services.

Having a single point of contact ensures everyone is speaking the same language and the end result is in mind from the very beginning. When the hand off to a landscaper or hardscaper is disjointed it results in disjointed work with disjointed warranties. Instead of neglecting these show-stopping displays until the last minute, we consider your house plans, the backfill procedures, the stormwater management and the grading with an eye on your future comfort and enjoyment. We know your site better than anyone so let us help you design and build the outdoor living areas of your dreams!


Your home should be your oasis and we are dedicated to making that happen within your budget. Pappas is proud to now offer a wide array of services to help design and build your outdoor environments. Our team of experienced green thumbs make it their mission to beautify your yard and plant for long-term success.

With our landscape design services, we can create visually stunning moments that build value for your home. Our job is to listen to your functional and aesthetic desires so we can craft the ultimate outdoor space tailored to you.

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From the first design meeting to the construction of your patio, driveway, retaining walls, pool deck or outdoor kitchen let us be your concierge through the entire process.

Our team can bring your vision to life with customized 3D renderings so you know exactly what you are getting from the very beginning. We ensure quality installs to protect your project from the freeze/thaw of Chicago winters and settlement from improper backfill materials. By integrating on the front end we can offer best-in-class warranties for solid work we know will last.

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Since S/H Builders, LLC has worked with Pappas we have found them to be professional and skilled at what they do.  At both a personal and professional level we have found Pappas to have like-minded people who take pride in their work and take a team approach when working on a project. Pappas has completed every one of our projects successfully and at a high level.

~Dan Schmidt & David Haegland
S/H Builders, LLC

I have built many homes over the years and Pappas has been with me since the beginning. No matter how complicated the foundation is they are always able to handle it. They have the highest quality of work in the business and I expect nothing less on my projects.

~Leo Birov
Heritage Luxury Homes

Pappas is a great partner of ours. Quality has been excellent and we enjoy working with their management team. I trust Pappas with the most complicated foundations we build.

~Matt Pollack
Red Rock Custom Homes LLC

We have worked with Pappas on a number of complex projects in the Chicagoland area.  From deep excavations to intricate concrete foundations, the Pappas team is always dedicated to the highest standards of professional care.

~Austin DePree
Northworks Architects and Planners, LLC

I have trusted in Pappas for more than 15 years to provide the expertise, resources and quality that we demand for our clients. Some of our projects would be too challenging for most excavators but Pappas is able to to provide innovative solutions and execute them with ease. Every member of their team understands the importance of getting things done accurately and efficiently.

~Doug Reynolds
Reynolds Architecture

Pappas has been great to work with for many years. They have the size, experience, and professionalism to tackle any size project and do it well. I also like the fact that they offer multiple services- demolition, excavation, concrete and underground work, so the various initial stages of jobs can be scheduled seamlessly.

~Scott Renken
Renken Architects & Builders LLC

Pappas is a highly reliable contractor for the installation of underground utilities.  Their performance, workmanship and timeliness have earned them a solid reputation amongst developers and engineers alike.  They provide expertise and reliability that makes the project run more efficiently.

~Jason Doland
Doland Engineering, LLC

I have worked with Pappas on many successful projects over the years. They have tackled some very challenging sites and made them look easy. When it came time to select a contractor for my own house I never considered going anywhere else because they stand for quality.

~Harry Krajcer
HK Consulting Services Inc.


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