The forms for foundation walls of a very large home


It is rather easy and self-serving to say good things about yourself; however, the most important comments are those written about you by those who know you the best. Pappas Company has been fortunate to work with a large number of loyal and enthusiastic partners over the years.  Many have graciously expressed their feelings of appreciation for the value and effort we put forth on every project, and we are pleased to provide a sampling of their written endorsements.

Dan Schmidt & David Haegland

Since S/H Builders, LLC has worked with Pappas Company we have found them to be professional and skilled at what they do. Pappas Company provides us with economical solutions to complex projects and completes their work at a high level. At both a personal and professional level we have found Pappas Company to have like-minded people who take pride in their work and take a team approach when working on a project. Pappas has completed every one of our projects successfully and at a high level.

S/H Builders, LLC

Leo Birov

I have built many homes over the years and Pappas has been with me since the beginning. No matter how complicated the foundation is they are always able to handle it. They have the highest quality of work in the business and I expect nothing less on my projects.

Heritage Luxury Homes

Scott Renken

Pappas has been great to work with for many years. They have the size, experience, and professionalism to tackle any size project and do it well. I also like the fact that they offer multiple services- demolition, excavation, concrete and underground work, so the various initial stages of jobs can be scheduled seamlessly.

Renken Architects & Builders, LLC

Matt Pollack

Pappas is a great partner of ours. Quality has been excellent and we enjoy working with their management team. I trust Pappas with the most complicated foundations we build.

Red Rock Custom Homes, LLC

Doug Reynolds

I have trusted in Pappas for more than 15 years to provide the expertise, resources and quality that we demand for our clients. Some of our projects would be too challenging for most excavators but Pappas is able to to provide innovative solutions and execute them with ease. Every member of their team understands the importance of getting things done accurately and efficiently.

Reynolds Architecture

Austin DePree

We have worked with Pappas on a number of complex projects in the Chicagoland area.  From deep excavations to intricate concrete foundations, the Pappas team is always dedicated to the highest standards of professional care.

Northworks Architects and Planners, LLC

Jason Doland

Pappas Company is a highly reliable contractor for the installation of underground utilities.  Their performance, workmanship and timeliness have earned them a solid reputation amongst developers and engineers alike.  They provide expertise and reliability that makes the project run more efficiently.

Doland Engineering, LLC

Harry Krajcer

I have worked with Pappas Company on many successful projects over the years. They have tackled some very challenging sites and made them look easy. When it came time to select a contractor for my own house I never considered going anywhere else because they stand for quality.

HK Consulting Services Inc.