Construction is not easy. A lot of time, effort and stress goes into every project in order to get it done correctly. Schedules need to be met. The product needs to be perfect.

At Pappas we work hard every day to make construction look easy. You have enough on your plate without the hassle of chasing subs or worrying about the job being done properly. By consolidating the construction process we help save you time and aggravation.

We focus on providing every customer with construction they can be proud of. In order to make that happen, we have always believed in relying on our own people so you can better rely on us. This results in better communication, less transition downtime between phases and a higher quality product overall.

Regardless of which service we are providing, you can count on our employees to be available and performing each task to perfection.


Our mission is to build as if it is our own home so we can deliver the highest quality product in the least amount of time possible. We’ve grown alongside our clients by delivering value and adapting to their needs. We pride ourselves on having a personal, family-style approach to construction with a vast capability in the field. You are not just a number to us, you’re our future because when you do work, we do work. The effort and care we put in will pay off for this project and many more to come. Saying that we are “Building Foundations for a Better Tomorrow” is not just our tagline- it is also our commitment.